Manufacturing Quality Metrics and Scrap Reduction

Improve Your Plant Floor Data Collection & Scrap Reduction 


"The Savance Team is second to none. These guys are expert professionals! They immediately understand the complex problems we are trying to overcome in the Engineering / Automation discipline and they have an uncanny ability to create unique, scalable solutions."

Savance Customer

"We’ve reduced the failure rate by over 22%, and bad parts by over 50%."

Executive, NEAPCO

Next Generation Software

Datamiser allows users to see pertinent plant floor information from anywhere in the world. You can see what is happening on your plant floor such as delays, exceptions, or faulty equipment; all from a control room, manager's office, president suite, or anywhere in the world.


Datamiser can be configured to alert you via e-mail or pager of events that might need immediate attention, or send daily or weekly reports of plant floor data.



Real Problem


Real Solution

High production costs, too much waste, and inability to access real time data are real problems with factory floors.

Improving efficiency and cutting down on product part and labor costs will help increase profit and performance.

Improve Floor Process



Improving the floor process requires real-time accurate data from your plant floor to measure machine downtimes and changes.

Implementation is not difficult and requires minimal downtime or holdups in your operation. We will help you through the entire process.

Pre-emptive Supervision


Return On Investment

Being pre-emptive and pro-active in the manufacturing process will eliminate holdups, promote productivity, and cut part production costs.

Start saving money instantly with increased factory productivity and cutting labor costs. Datamiser will pay for itself.