Manufacturering Quality Metrics and Scrap Reduction

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The Importance of Traceability in Modern Manufacturing

By savance on 5/18/2019 10:16 PM

"Real-time, enterprise-wide traceability capabilities are no longer a benefit, but a 'must' for modern manufacturers". This is the consensus of a recent article in IEN magazine titled Why Traceability May Matter More Now Than Ever Before. No longer should the ability to track and trace each component or ingredient of your product be considered an "add-on" or a "benefit". Rather, it's a necessity.

To Savance, this way of thinking is nothing new. With Savance Datamiser, quality control and traceability is what we do, providing our customers in the manufacturing industry with real-time data collection, and allowing users to see pertinent plant floor information from anywhere in the world.

Manufacturers Require More Data Than Ever to Improve Quality & Processes

By savance on 5/30/2014 8:33 AM
Manufacturers Require More Data Than Ever to Improve Quality & Processes

According to ZDnet, leading automotive manufacturers, such as Ford and their suppliers, require more metrics than ever before to help transform their businesses and ensure that they remain internationally competitive. The increased availability of data has allowed these companies to improve manufacturing processes, quality control, and customer satisfaction.


Decreasing costs of computing create the opportunity to do more than ever before with your data. Companies such as Ford—and virtually every other manufacturer—have access to cost-effective data storage and processing power. 

Lean Manufacturing and Reducing Waste

By savance on 3/11/2014 12:06 PM
Lean Manufacturing and Reducing Waste

Are you worried that your workshop or production line is producing excess waste?


Do you even know how much waste or scrap you are producing?


Do you have any idea how much this waste costs you - every week, month or even year?


Chances are that waste and scrap product cost you a considerable amount each and every year. This cost is then passed onto your customers, which can result in your organization being less competitive and losing market share.


By savance on 2/13/2014 10:09 AM

Lean Manufacturing and Scrap ReductionIn today's still-uncertain economy, maximizing efficiencies remains an important and effective way for companies to keep expenses to a minimum. However, with increasing global competition, U.S. companies are frequently at an immediate disadvantage compared to their counterparts from abroad, where total cost of ownership (TCO) can typically be much lower. In an effort to stay competitive, many U.S. companies invest significant amounts of time and money implementing lean manufacturing practices such as Six Sigma. One area that presents a major opportunity to gain an important advantage – and which many companies overlook – is cutting wasteful scrap material.