Manufacturing Quality Metrics and Scrap Reduction

Take Advantage of Real-Time Data

Knowledge is essential and in manufacturing it can cost you!  Datamiser is an SPC software package that gives you floor plant information about what is happening on your plant floor instantly, not after the problem, later that day, or week, but instantly.  With Datamiser you can be proactive with delays, anticipate exceptions, and have your plant run smoothly and efficiently.  You need good data collection techniques to stay in the manufacturing or distribution business this is the best solution. 



Are you statistically collecting accurate shop floor data?
Are you able to effectively track changeovers or downtime?
Do you know which production lines are cost-effective?
Are your operational targets being met?
Do you know if you have truly hit capacity on your existing assets?
Can you account for variances by shift and by operator?
Do you have the tools to analyze and trend OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) across your plant or entire organization?
Can you measure expected versus actual labor deployment on a job by job basis?
Can Datamiser send data to my email or pager?
YES, Datamiser can send data from your factory floor to any email or pager designated.
Datamiser can also send detailed reports daily, weeekly, or monthly to anyone you choose.