Pre-emptive Supervision

A Pre-Emptive & Pro-Active Solution

Clearly, the ability to be pre-emptive and pro-active in the manufacturing process has many advantages. Real-time data collection can:

  • Eliminate production holdups.

    Datamiser has the ability to see forecasted holdups of a production line of a particular job, so supervisors can view and fix the problems before it causes a bottleneck. With the supervisor having the ability to correct problems on the line instantly, before they become problems, they have preemptively eliminated delays and increase production for the day.

  • Promote operation productivity.

    A floor supervisor viewing the system early in the day can see if operation productivity is not up to par. They can pursue the cause of the slow production and potentially help increase the work process. With increased production levels means greater productivity and greater earnings.

  • Compare precise cost / price comparison.

    With a real-time system management can see “actual labor costs” of a product, and evaluate the cost vs. price to see if action needs to be taken.

Evaluate cost vs. price.

View decreased production times.

See plant floor holdups instantly.